About Us


Building communities and ecosystems resilient to the impacts of climate change.



To provide a platform for engagement between government and CSOs on climate change and related fields for improved adaptation and mitigation to climate change impacts.




Strategic Objectives

The network is guided by a Strategic plan for which the strategic objectives are:

  • Policy research and advocacy
  • Capacity building and information management
  • Fundraising and resource mobilization
  • Networking, coordination and collaboration

Organizational Values

Transparency and Accountability

CISONECC shall at all times promote transparency and accountability so as to remain credible in its work.


CISONECC’s shall be non-partisan to ensure it mainstreams economic, political, social, cultural and analyses in order to remain locally responsive and globally relevant.

Continuous learning

Recognizing that the network is working in a fast changing environment CISONECC, learning will be important to enable the network adjust to changes with a focus to achieving its mandate. CISONECC will adhere to its value of listening and learning.


CISONECC believes in cooperation both at national, regional and international level and shall therefore cultivate and strengthen ties with like-minded institutions in order to complement our respective roles and skills.

The network’s key role in society is to coordinate civil society voices on climate change policy issues. As a member-based organization, CISONECC strengths emanate from a strong and viable membership base as well as linkages with relevant stakeholders and institutions. 

Its work is based on the following dimensions:

  • good organisational governance in terms of leadership and stewardship; 
  • a participatory and gender sensitive work approach; 
  • building people’s confidence, competence and capacity; and 
  • timely and informative narrative and financial report.