The CISONECC Secretariat

Key roles of the CISONECC Secretariat are to uphold the network’s constitution and code of conduct; provide proper coordination.  The Secretariat will ensure respect for member autonomy.  The Secretariat will refrain from any activities that may undermine or prejudice the image or interest of the network.  It will play a role in negotiating, agreeing and contracting with donors and partners on behalf of the network.

The network Secretariat gives form to and supervises media identity and promotion of the network.  It executes decisions and ensures implementation, takes a lead in building strategies.  It takes care of network’s assets.  It is responsible for undertaking the vision, mission and goals expressed in the CISONECC constitution. 

CISONECC’s Secretariat is currently based in Area 15, Ntcheu Street, Plot No.15/197 in Lilongwe.

Julius Ng'oma is CISONECC’s  National  Coordinator.


The Chairing Agency

A chairing agency which is an organization elected from within the CISONECC membership is responsible for the technical aspects of chairing which amongst other things includes presiding over CISONECC meetings and overseeing activities by the secretariat.

The current chairing agency of CISONECC is the Churches Action for Relief and Rehabilitation (CARD) whose executive director is Melton Luhanga.


CISONECC Member Organisations

CISONECC members are expected to perform awarded jobs and assignments that relate to work and activities of the network conscientiously and in a responsible manner, act in an accountable and responsible manner in the best interest of the network. This includes safe guarding the intellectual property of the network and upholds the network code of conduct.

To date, CISONECC membership has grown from the original six (6) civil society organizations in 2008 to forty one (41) members in 2016.  Its membership is a combination of local and international NGOs, faith-based groups and networks/associations passionately involved in climate change and disaster risk management (DRM) in Malawi.