Partnership and Collaboration

Government and its machinery is the main collaborative body that CISONECC engages with.  As regard to current implementation structure in Malawi, issues of climate change transcend various levels of government and society, as such, government as a key stakeholder of public interest and resources is critical in the drive towards mitigation and adaptation. Activities on climate change occur across a number of ministries and/or departments including development planning and cooperation, environmental affairs, agriculture, climate change and meteorological services. However with frequent realignment of government ministries, responsibilities tend to be scattered. 

Forming alliance with other relevant networks both at national and international levels is key.  CISONECC  links the local, national and regional issues and interests to the international level.  CISONECC recognizes that in a global village, lives are increasingly interlinked and change involves those with power, wealth and influence who control and use more than their share of resources, the media, those we share common interests and those most adversely affected by oppressive structures and systems.

CISONECC is a noteworthy player on both the national and international fronts and serves as the regional focal point for East and Southern Africa under the Southern Voices on Adaptation Programme.